Stupid moments brought to you by me.


I have a laptop that is 4 years old, the cd drive stopped working again and well I got mad.  I got mad at my laptop for not working again.  I dropped my laptop (tossed maybe) from where I was sitting.  The monitor fractured and I now longer have a screen.  I broke my broken laptop even more.  I now have no laptop and it has all the pictures and important documents on it.  I broke it.  I guess I could buy the cord and try plugging it in to the TV.   Other than that option I have no laptop.  I can’t even buy a new one until that stupid rebate gets sent out.  I wasn’t going to use that rebate but I need to have a laptop.  2 months I have to wait.  How can I be so stupid.

In other none stupid news I read Naughty Neighbor. I liked it a lot. I loved it actually so I recommend you all read it. Okay I am going to go morn over my laptop.


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