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Future Fears


I woke up this morning fearing being pregnant.  Just because we are not ready quite yet.  Then I started thinking about it more, what if I am?  I started thinking that if I was we would most likely still be living where we are now.  Then I started thinking how small this place is and […]

Last Thursday I created a wishlist of all the things that I would like to buy.  Instead of like when I was a kid and went through the wishbook these are just things that I really want.  Money of course being a problem with most but if I get the stimulus package I should be […]

Pretty much a mundane week for me.  All work and not much play until last night. However, the drama all stems from yesterday.  A girl I work with is quitting.  Pretty much 99% of the office will be happy about because she has a really poor attitude and does not want to work.  I got […]

Happy Easter!


So I am trying to remember all that happened, or all the thoughts I had but I don’t know how good of a job I will do.  Friday we headed out to visit family that live about 2 1/2 hours away so we got to their place around 8:30 – 9:00pm.  We took Mylie with […]

I feel that I am rather bad when it comes to describing in detail my day or thoughts about the day.  I think I just get lazy and write the short version. So I guess I will try and get better about that. Last night M and I talked about preparing for the worst in life.  […]

Today was a decent Monday.  I swear though I think I say “I can’t complain” 40+ times a day and I need a new saying.  It was nice though because even though I am working drive up again this week it does mean I get to sleep in until 7:35am today.  Amazing how staying in […]

We went down and visited my parents this weekend.  I have to say it was great going home.  Friday night we went out and had some mexican food with my friend Lynn.  Service was horrible, I am sorry it just was.  First off they advertised Happy hour prices but didn’t let you know you had […]