Feeling Accomplished


This past weekend I got so much done, or at least I felt like I did.  I took off all the old caulking around the tub/shower that was cracking and peeling, as well as, filled with mold and mildew.  So I took that off and put on new stuff.  Then I patched the wall next to the shower that had water damage.  Mold had grown on it too.  They have had water damage before I saw.  Then I patched the hole in a closet door.  I washed dishes like 3 times and cooked a fabulous riblet dinner.  I tell you I felt good.

I am still waiting for my review at work.  I am hoping for a good raise but am so scared I wont get it.  The reason I am scared is because I like work right now and believe I do a great job there.  If I am denied a raise I know that I am going to have a hard time working for a place that doesn’t want to pay well.  If I was just making a dollar more I might feel a little better about myself.

Mylie did not win the bissel photo contest.  No new vacuum for me but oh well, I know she is cute.  She did really well at puppy class.  She is getting so much better.  She has learned to jump out of the crib which is a scary notion.  I don’t want to crate her in a small carrier.

My life just isn’t that exciting. I say that with a smile on my face though.  I do love my life.


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