Feeling like shit


M didn’t get the promotion.  3 kids of guys on the interview pannel or higher ups in the company got the top three positions, they didn’t even work for the company.  I feel bad for M because he feels like he failed but he didn’t.  He did all he could do.  I feel like a failure.  I mean I make $9 an hour.  Big deal.  I have an AA degree, plus years of college after that but I am only worth $9 an hour.  I use to get paid at least $9.50 an hour but lost that when I moved.  I feel worthless.  I don’t feel qualified for anything that pays decent.  I wish I could contribute more to us financially.  I feel like I am failing us.  Maybe I should get a second job.  I slept so shitty because I felt like I failed M and myself.  Why am I not worth more?!

Sorry for the pity party.


One Response to “Feeling like shit”

  1. i know how you feel. i am poor too. i wish i had a better job 😦

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