Been a while


I started to write an entry a few days ago when M’s computer ate it.  I was tired and not about to restart it.  I finally settled down after the Friday of total fear.  However, we broke lent that weekend because of all the stress that was caused by that day.  We had a good few days though, it just does not seem like us to go everyday straight.  Oh well, we tried.

Mylie had her flippen spay and hernia surgery.  I hate Banfield Pet Hospital.  They are a complete rip off.  They initially told us that the hernia surgery on top of the spay would be around $150, $200 tops.  Well, I guess it is at the doctors discretion the day of surgery so it was an additional $282 (with a 10% discount b/c we are on the “wellness plan”) bunch of shit.  They claim that if we were not on the wellness plan that everything would have cost $1300.  Well, if we had gone to my old vet in my old town it would have cost at most $500 for both surgeries and that is the high end and they provided quality service.  Banfield is such a rip off.  I started reading up on them and found out that others have had problems with them.  Once I pay off that stupid plan I am done with them.  Don’t ever go to them.

Other than that, not much going on here.  We will find out either Friday or Monday if M got the promotion and so we might be moving or staying here.  I hope he gets it.


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