Have you ever had that fear so great. . .?


Friday morning started off great for me. I was awake and happy to know I was going to be seeing my parents that night. Walked into work and everything was fine, it was Friday, you can’t fuck up a Friday. Wrong. I work in a financial institution and yes when I started working there I knew there would be risks that came with the job. I was and am aware of the risk and felt very prepared for it. Then a new risk cropped up and I very quickly realized that I this new risk I am not prepared for. My supervisor pulled me aside and informed me that the night before someone had called a hotline and threatened that he was going to go into a bank in our town (he never stated which one) and shoot everyone there dead. The detective that called said not to panic they were not sure how valid it was and that they were looking into it but in the meantime everyone should be very aware of their surroundings and to be alert. Several banks in our town closed while others only helped one customer at a time. We stayed open with our secruity officer standing outside watching everyone. I had never felt so much fear. I was greatly relieved when the clock struck closing.

We then drove down to my parents. I was so happy to see them. We went out to dinner with them on Saturday to this great steak house that is expensive but excellent and then afterwards went to see Ron White perform. We had a really great night. I then proceeded to do our taxes until after midnight. We owe around $400 which sucks but can’t be helped. If we get that refund from the fed for $1200 M said I could buy myself a Macbook with it. I really really want a new laptop and a Mac at that.

As we left today I burst into tears because I am literally afraid for my life still. I am afraid this is the last time I will see my family. I am scared to go into work tomorrow and would rather not. It makes me want to find a new job. I hate who ever decided to be this cruel and make that threat. How can anyone be so callous to cause such terror in people who are just trying to do their job and make a living. I don’t know what I am going to do but I have to go to work tomorrow I am just so scared. I love my husband, I love my family. I am not ready to leave them behind. I want to see them tomorrow, next week and for years to come.


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