Sexy ideas


So the girls at work were talking about giving things up for lent. I was thinking about, didn’t know what I wanted to give up. I am already trying to give up eating tons of food, so what else? I was reading Glamour Magazine and came across an article about a married couple who wanted to bring back their sex life so they promised to have sex every day. The light bulb went off in my head. So I told M how about we give up not having sex? No more saying “I’m tired” , “not tonight” yada yada. So we have agreed to have sex everyday. It can be at any point in the day and we don’t have to climax. So for 6 weeks we are going to have sex everyday. We started early. I hope we can stick with it. How about you? Who else thinks they can give up not having sex with their loved one for that long? I say go for it!


2 Responses to “Sexy ideas”

  1. What a brilliant plan! I say go for it and enjoy Lent!

  2. Good luck, I guess.

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