Long Day


Today was my three month mark and my job.  Thus I have ended my 90 day evaluation period and will soon be getting a review.  I could hope for a decent raise but I don’t think I will get anything more than 15 cents.  I wish I could at least make 9.50 again but that would mean getting a .50 raise.  Today was probably the my worst day there.   I haven’t really had a bad day there yet because I truelly love working there better than any other job.  Today was just bad because I was exhausted and it was super busy.  I knew it was going to be since it is the first day of the month, a friday and Super Bowl is Sunday.  I only sat down on my breaks and when I went to get approvals.  So I was just very focused on pushing forward instead of being my normal perky working self.  At least Monday I will be recharged.

 I am not sure what I want to do this weekend but I was thinking of trying ice skating since I had never done it before.  M says he isn’t into that this weekend. . . oh well.  I really wish I could think of a stay at home side job that would increase the money we made by 400 or 500 without taking up too much of my free time.  Maybe then we could buy a house.  I know if i had a job that paid more we could.  I just love going to work so much that I hate the idea of going elsewhere and not liking it.  What is a girl to do.


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