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This past weekend I got so much done, or at least I felt like I did.  I took off all the old caulking around the tub/shower that was cracking and peeling, as well as, filled with mold and mildew.  So I took that off and put on new stuff.  Then I patched the wall next […]

M didn’t get the promotion.  3 kids of guys on the interview pannel or higher ups in the company got the top three positions, they didn’t even work for the company.  I feel bad for M because he feels like he failed but he didn’t.  He did all he could do.  I feel like a […]

Been a while


I started to write an entry a few days ago when M’s computer ate it.  I was tired and not about to restart it.  I finally settled down after the Friday of total fear.  However, we broke lent that weekend because of all the stress that was caused by that day.  We had a good […]

I am feeling normal. Things seem fine at work again. I don’t have the scare in me like I did Monday. I hope to never have to feel like that at work again. M got me tulips for v day. He is so sweet, they are the type that I can plant. He is very […]

Friday morning started off great for me. I was awake and happy to know I was going to be seeing my parents that night. Walked into work and everything was fine, it was Friday, you can’t fuck up a Friday. Wrong. I work in a financial institution and yes when I started working there I […]

Proud moments


Last night was Mylee’s puppy classes. She did amazing! She sat on the hardwood floor when told and was not nervous. After 30minutes though she got tired and didn’t want to obey much anymore but she still did wonderful. We just need to keep working with her with the homework and I think she will […]

Sexy ideas


So the girls at work were talking about giving things up for lent. I was thinking about, didn’t know what I wanted to give up. I am already trying to give up eating tons of food, so what else? I was reading Glamour Magazine and came across an article about a married couple who wanted […]