The daily life. . . so so quiet


I had today off and it was nice to go to bed late and not have to get up early in the morning. I put away the dishes I cleaned last night, finished the laundry I started last night, went food shopping, cooked dinner, some milded dusting and I read. I feel lazy I have a list a mile long and did not complete more than 1/10 of it. I also wish that there is some way when I have a kid that I want to stay at home and somehow make money. How? I really want to make it happen but I don’t know if M would go for it. He would for maybe a year but that is it. I want to work from home, but he wants us to make money so that we can be comfortable. I want to make money from home. What jobs can I do from home? Help!

So this weekend I got my hair cut (5-6 inches off!) and did my nails. I wonder if I can post a picture on here. . .I will have to look into that.  I am really enjoying my book.  I highly recommend to anyone to read J.D. Robb’s in death series.  Whenever I read it though I get a picture in my head of the main character and she looks like Reba.

I want to buy a house!  Like how I jump around?  I am in a scattered state of mind, wanting so much and loving my man.  I just want things to work out for us, to get the job and then the house and then have a kid.  Always wanting.


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