So I am now 25 and feel no different.  I do not mind aging.  Everyone does it, can’t stop it so might as well embrace it.  M took me to Denny’s for lunch today at my request.  Being in a small town there are only a small few places to go and eat and well, M does not like Denny’s.  I like Denny’s and wanted a change of pace from the other places we go.  Plus there is so much more to choose from at Denny’s.  I ate a BLT without the T heh.  I also had a cherry, cherry limade which was delicious.  Afterwards we then went and watched the movie The Bucket List.  I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  I really do hate sad movies though that have death in them so it was a little hard to get past that aspect of the movie.  I like the humor in it and the actors were really good.

So Friday we drove 5 hours to the town where the orientation was held so we didn’t get into that place until just after 11pm.  I was so exhausted.  I think I only was laying down for 5 minutes before I fell asleep.  I woke up at 7:30 not ready to get up but M was wide awake.  So I was crabby and had issues over the dog.  First let me tell you I have been having issues with the cut new puppy we got Thanksgiving weekend.  I got rid of my dog mainly because M did not care for the dog I had before I meet him and my parents did not want to take care of Rusty anymore so I found him a new home.  I cried, felt like shit and hated that I had to do it all without M’s help.  So when we decided to get a new puppy I told him that I get a new dog first since I made the sacrifice of giving up my dog.  We said this dog was a shared dog and blah blah blah.  M wanted a doxie cause he had one as a kid.  I didn’t.  I said fine as long as it had a unique coat.  I fell in love with her when we first saw her.  I told him I had issues though from when I was younger and the puppies we got attached to my mom and not me.  Well, damn it, the dog is bonding with him more than me cause he gives in to her and babies her.  So I was pissed with him and the dog.  Yes I know, childish.  So that was what I ripped into him about Saturday morning while I was cranky.  I felt better and hope to get over my issues with the dog.

At some point in our drive M brought up a friend of his who’s wife recently had a kid.  They met on the internet after M and I got together and soon after he got her pregnant and then married her after like 6 months being together.  Well, to begin with she weighed around 170, but she was at least 5′ 6″ or so.  After the kid she now weighs like 300 lbs and all of the guys are making fun of the wife and how big she is now.  I mean yeah, she stays home on the internet all day doing nothing eating 4x what she should so she isn’t helping herself.  That is a big fear I have about having a kid.  I am already curvy and weight 140 and am only 5’3″ tall so I am scared of gaining weight when I get pregnant some day.  How much is typical for women to gain?   Does it mess with your metabolism, can you exercise to keep it down?  It just bothers me to think of getting larger.

Oh, I am not ready for another week.


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