Just another ho hum day


I received my birthday gift from my parents a little early since I won’t be in town this weekend.  The first being a $100 Kohls gift card (yah! new sweaters) and the second being beautiful flowers delivered to my home while I was on lunch.  That made my day.  The vase they came in is unique too, not like the plain clear vases they normally come in.  It is a tall slender blue vase.

In other news M and I woke up this morning and everything was fine.  He let mylie out to go to the bathroom and she went pee and poop.  Then apparently she went into the spare bedroom and pooped again.  She also apparently ate one of her turds because 30 min later she was throwing up brown disgusting smelling, for lack of a better term, shit.  After she threw up 4 or 5 times she also had diarrhea. Joy!  So I am feeding her rice and scrambled eggs.  She gets good food to eat that gives her enough nutrients so I don’t know.  Maybe it is a puppy thing.  So she had to stay in her crib all day.

It started snowing this evening!  I love the snow.  Driving in it yes can suck but it is so beautiful.  I love winter, and summer of course.  I just love having seasons.


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