Well, I was going to go down and see my parents this weekend for my birthday. I was going to get my hair done, nails done, watch a movie, go play golf, eat cake and have fun being with my family. M’s work had an orientation last Saturday that was canceled due to weather. They rescheduled it to this weekend, 6 hours in the opposite direction. I am bummed because I don’t want to spend my birthday without M, or make him go by himself. I love the man. However, as bad as he feels that this bums me out cause of my weekend, he won’t be able to think on his own how to make it better for me. He wants me to tell him now what I want to do instead just the two of us for my birthday. I hate having to plan my own birthday and when we were going down to my parents my mom was planning it. I should not be upset, I wasn’t originally thinking I was going to have much of a birthday anyways and I suppose I can make up my own birthday plans and just get over it. To think before I got home tonight I was talking to my coworkers about how excited I was about going to my parents. As long as this company gives him a job that leads to us owning a house.


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