Snow and otherness


I woke up Saturday morning to 3 inches of snow outside, how wonderful is that?  I love snow and wish it would snow more.   Others do hate it but when I haven’t been able to enjoy snow much before because I never lived where it would snow.   I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning to a couple of feet.  Sadly I do not see that happening.

I drove up north today to get my nails done since I took them all off last night, only to find out the places is closed on Sundays, Bah!  Oh well, I will just get them done next weekend when I go to see my parents for my birthday.  I turn 25 next week!  I am excited.   I don’t mind it at all.  I just wish people would stop assuming I am only 17, 18.  I would love to look my age.  I know I could cut my hair and look older but I like my hair long.  Speaking of which I am getting my hair done next weekend too.  The hair and nails are Christmas gifts from my mom.  I love her, she is a wonderful person.

I received my J.D. Robb books this past week and already have one finished.  I love that series.  Granted the sex scenes are nice, though at times redundant.  They still get me hot and all over M.  Poor thing, he has been tired and stressed lately so not much in the mood where I have been hot and horny for some time!  It is a little hard to be in different places sexually but once his mood lifts I know it will pick back up.

I need something sweet!  I hate not having sweets in the house, I need at least one cookie to make the day seem worth it.


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