Here are some of the random thoughts that just happen to cross my mind:

I like the Very Sexy perfume from Victoria’s Secret that I am wearing.  My secret santa at work got me four different ones and I do believe that is my fav.

My contacts are bugging me and what really sucks is that I just put in a new pair today.

I felt like I was on some sort of roll at work today in the morning, I hope it continues.

I need to get my nails redone.  I have acrylics (solar) and they have not been done for approximately 3 weeks.  They are lifting and really out grown.  I never use to wear fake nails until about 7 months ago when M kept saying he would pay if I wanted.  I finally wanted, and wanted again and again.  Now i am addicted.  As if I should waste my money on such stupid things.  I mean around 70 a month.  Soon I shall stop.  Especially if we buy a house in a few months.

I want to buy a house but we need M to get that promotion.  I am crossing my fingers.

I am addicted to J.D. Robb’s in death series and should be receiving my 6 books from the series that I ordered off of bn.com tomorrow.

I hate motel 6 and have not looking forward to staying there Friday night.  I am going to take a black light and if I see anything then I will sleep in the truck.

I am going to go take out my contacts now they are just killing me.


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