A new year


Yup, feels like it is still 07.  I made no resolutions and did not celebrate.  Not because I am anti New Year, but just because it really isn’t a big deal to me.  Yes, I want to lose weight, I always want to lose weight.  I am currently 141 lbs and hate that.  I want to be 130 and can be happy with 130.  So as always I will want to be smaller and wish that I was.  I hope to get my ass in gear and do stuff to be the weight I want to be.

I went through all my old bank statements and pay stubs and organized them, well at least mine.  I have yet to begin tackling M’s, seeing as they are in a few places.  I want to get our finances and papers organized now that we are married.  We went and looked at houses on Sunday and ended up finding one we love.  It is about 20 min from where we currently live but it is near a lake and right next to a golf course (a big plus for M).  Only 1350 sf but on a .29 acre lot.  We didn’t get to go inside but I sure wish we could.  It isn’t even something we could think about buying unless he gets the promotion he wants.  I hope it happens.  It would be so great.

On a side note, we saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets last night and I absolutely loved it.  I even liked it better than the first one.  Highly recommended.


One Response to “A new year”

  1. 1 BD

    Its strange how so many things can seem familiar and repeated but really never turn out the same or as expected. Me and my M just watched Everything is Illuminated, good movie. Its been an odd start to the year…

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