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Puppy Classes


We took Mylie to puppy classes tonight.  She was the smallest dog and the most stubborn.  M was getting upset with how little she would sit.  She does it all the time at home.  I think these classes will be very good for Mylie.  She needs discipline so bad and socialization.  Then on the way […]

Popular Search


All I can say is that searches for Nicole Richie’s hair is really popular.  I haven’t seen so many hits to my site.  I am sad to report I have no photos.  I can only say that I did like her hair and got the cut also so good luck!

I had today off and it was nice to go to bed late and not have to get up early in the morning. I put away the dishes I cleaned last night, finished the laundry I started last night, went food shopping, cooked dinner, some milded dusting and I read. I feel lazy I have […]

I am getting so bad with how I am just writing these short little no nothings but oh well.  I got my hair cut and colored and love it.  I also got my nails done and love them (they remind me of the ruby slippers from the wizard of oz).  I don’t have to work […]

New hair


Okay, I have decided to get my hair cut like Nicole Richie My blonde will most likely be like that too. I hope I can pull that look off, I am not sure if it will make my face look chubby or lean. Here is to hoping.

Change of Hair


Okay, I want to cut my hair and I am not sure what to do.  Short post until I find a picture of what I might like.



So I am now 25 and feel no different.  I do not mind aging.  Everyone does it, can’t stop it so might as well embrace it.  M took me to Denny’s for lunch today at my request.  Being in a small town there are only a small few places to go and eat and well, […]