Cozy on a Sunday


I am sitting in a warm cozy house with my cat in my lap and my man by my side.  I love it.  Being totally lazy of course.  I was listening to music earlier.  I bought the newest Mannheim Steamroller CD and totally got into the spirit of the Holiday. 

M’s mom stopped by and gave us our xmas gifts and wedding gift.  We only opened up the wedding gift one since it is closer.  Money is always nice.  We are going to save as much as we can from whoever gives us money so that should we need it for anything we will have it.  I really would like a new living room set but most likely have to wait on that for a few months.  Saw one at Ashley furniture that I love.  $1300 for a 5 piece set is a good deal.  I know  lot of people think the furniture is just cheap and all but considering that I can spend twice that amount on furniture that is a bit better but will still have to replace in a few years I think going with Ashley’s is the better deal.

 I should go clean the bathroom and finish the laundry but I am just enjoying sitting here.

 Okay so in 1 years time I really want a new computer.  I am thinking of changing over from a PC to a mac.  I want a new macbook.  I am tired of computers with constant glitches and the like.  Anyone else feel the macs are better than the PCs?  I so want one I tell you.  One of these days.

 I love being off birth control.  I am myself once again and I don’t feel like I want to die.  I am never going on birth control again and am now highly against it.  It isn’t for me.  I know some people are fine who take it but I am assuming more people than not are affected by those pills, and dont’ even know it.  To watch my depression disappear within 2 weeks and be completely gone, just amazing.  I will never recommend bc pills to anyone.  I know M hates condoms but he hates me acting how I did before far worst.  In fact I am even taking prenatal vitamins.  Not because I want to have a child right now or anything but because some day I would like to.  I was told that it is a good idea that even if you don’t want children for 5 years to start taking prenatal vitamins so that you are making your body healthy and giving it all the building blocks it will need for when I do have children.  It is suppose to help lower birth defects according to my homeopath.  If it is true or not I don’t know but it doesn’t hurt to try.


One Response to “Cozy on a Sunday”

  1. I feel like I’m alone when it comes to oral contraceptives. When I was on mine, I was an absolute MESS. I had almost reverse PMS – the twenty one days I was on the hormone pills I was a crying, blithering fool, and the week that I had my period and was on the sugar pills, I was so much more calm and I could actually think.

    I’m so glad to find someone else who feels the same way!

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