Great Man


I am so excited, in just about 1 week I will be married.  It is such an amazing feeling.  I am bummed about having to go through the tedious process of changing my name, and learning to do a new signature.  M cracks jokes that if he had to do that then he wouldn’t get married.  Haha.  I have a few things I need to do such as get a dress and get my nails done if the budget allows.  Yay!

 The other day I was cooking fried chicken and ended up getting burned pretty badly.  I had been cooking the different batches for 25 minutes with no problem but then the last batch there was a nice huge pop of hot oil onto my right arm and now I have a nice burn mark.  It isn’t pretty looking.  It hurt bad the night of but not really afterward.  M told me he doesn’t want me cooking that anymore.  So for a while I won’t.

 On a side note M is the greatest.  I come home last night and walk in to the house being dark with candles lit and the xmas tree on.  The dishes and laundry I started at lunch are both done, the house is picked up and dinner ready.  Dinner being a very yummy pizza and a movie.  The movie I am sorry to say sucked.  We watched SuperBad, which was what the title said.  So I don’t think I will be watching that again.  He is the greatest.  I even put the moves on him but he didn’t want to last night so there was no agenda on his end.  He was just being a great guy. 

I love that man.


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