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It is snowing here finally!  I am so happy.  I live in town so it didn’t bother me but everyone else was not happy.  After living in a place that doesn’t get snow except rarely I am so happy to see it and hope to wake up to at least a foot.  Not much has […]

My Shame again


Britney has a new video out for her song piece of me. I have to say I like that song, I can’t help it. The video is a little better than her last video but it really lacks the energy she use to show in her older videos. New Video. Yes You can all think […]



On Friday M and I got married.  Both of our families came up to witness us and it was absolutely wonderful.  We walked into the City Clerks office where they preform the ceremony and I just laughed.  It was basically a storage room that was very pitiful but what can one expect.  Afterwards we went […]

I am sitting in a warm cozy house with my cat in my lap and my man by my side.  I love it.  Being totally lazy of course.  I was listening to music earlier.  I bought the newest Mannheim Steamroller CD and totally got into the spirit of the Holiday.  M’s mom stopped by and […]

Great Man


I am so excited, in just about 1 week I will be married.  It is such an amazing feeling.  I am bummed about having to go through the tedious process of changing my name, and learning to do a new signature.  M cracks jokes that if he had to do that then he wouldn’t get […]