I love this time of year.  Thanksgiving was a wonderful visit to my family.  M and I just had a lot of fun and we were so relaxed.  My brother was in a better mood than I have seen him in months.  The food was amazing: Turkey, stuffing, broccoli supreme casserole, candied yams, mashed potatoes & gravy, deviled eggs and dinner rolls.  I stuffed my self so full I must have gained 3 pounds.  I didn’t even eat dessert I was so full.  We had to head back home after dinner because I had to work on Friday but that didn’t bug me so much.  My mother sent us home with not only leftovers but also a whole uncooked 6lb turkey breast, stuffing and broccoli supreme uncooked to make when I wanted.  It was a really good day.

 I finished the latest J.D. Robb book “Creation in Death” while I was over at my parents also.  I love that series.  I have only read 7 of the books and not in much of a order also.  I have read the first 3 books and then the last two and two from other places in the series.  I want to read them all.  I just get really wrapped up in the world of Eve.  Women kicking ass in books, always makes a good read.

I have to get my Christmas cards started and finished this weekend.  So this means I have to make a list of all the people I need to send the cards to.  I hope I have enough.  I bought a box of 42 from Costco.  If that isn’t enough I will just have to go buy another box next weekend.

Wow, this year has just flied by.  I love the Holidays.

 On a side note, M and my Mom have both stated how much better I seem.  I also know that the depression I had over a month ago is completely gone with out the use of meds.   I guess that just goes to show you shouldn’t fool mother nature.


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