Naughty Naughty


This past weekend was a decent one.  I mean one can not complain too much when you get a three day weekend.  So here is the run down.  Friday night I worked until my shift ended at 6pm, then I got in my car and drove straight to my parents an hour and a half away in the dark. I don’t like driving at night, that is for sure.  My honey was spending two nights at his friends house two and a half hours away for a “guys weekend.” Joy to the guys.  Needless to say I hate being away from my man.  I tend to feel abandon and alone.  I know I shouldn’t but I do. 

 I spent some of Saturday morning being highly grumpy.  The reason, not being able to access my money from an account I haven’t gotten into in 6 months because I forgot my PIN.  So I was pissy since I was going to get my nails and hair done with that money and could not.  I then had lunch with some friends which was nice.  We went and looked at puppies and it made me all “ahhh, I want one!”.  Of course I did not get one and wont for some time.  Saturday night was naughty, however, as I attended a naughty girls party for my “girls night”.  That was a blast!  I didn’t leave until 11:20pm and had arrived at 6:00pm, so yeah, fun!  How can one not have fun when you are smelling and licking flavors off your arm and then holding a vibrating dildo.  Yes, fun.  I made my purchases and went to bed happy after having quite a fun night.

Sunday I did something that needed to be done but broke my heart so badly.  I gave my dog up.  I wonderful woman and her family adopted him.  He seemed so happy and relaxed to be going with her and her dog.  I left afterwards and drove home.  I was so upset and ended up taking it out on my man as he was driving home.  When he got home I burst into tears.  I felt like such a horrible person for letting go of my dog.  He had been living with my parents since we moved in and dogs are not allowed here.  We don’t know when we will get a place that would take him and my parents wanted him gone even though they gave me a year to find a home.  They didn’t really walk him or give him attention so I knew I needed to find him a loving home.  I believe I have.

Monday was spent up north.  I attempted to get my nails done again only this time I sat and waited for over an hour.  When my turn came up I sat with the woman and told her what I wanted.  It turned out she didn’t know how to do color powdered nail tips so I had to go sit back down and wait for another person to open up.  I got upset cause M had already been walking around the mall for over an hour and now I had to wait longer and then finally start my nails which would take almost another hour.  Screw that I thought.  So I swear I am getting my nails done this weekend!  So instead I bought a book and some xmas cards. 

 I think not being on Birth Control and taking that remedy from the homeopath is helping.  Granted I know two weeks might be too soon to tell but M sees a difference a little and so do I.  I hope it keeps getting better.  No more BC pills for me ever again.  Messes with you way too much.


One Response to “Naughty Naughty”

  1. That had to suck about your bank account.
    And I’ve never had a problem with birthcontrol. 🙂 I guess it’s different for everyone though.

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