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So yes I know M and I are already engaged and what not so us getting married is nothing new to the world. However, the big news is this, we are getting married December 14th!  Yay!  So yeah we went down today and got our marriage license and are read Advertisements



I love this time of year.  Thanksgiving was a wonderful visit to my family.  M and I just had a lot of fun and we were so relaxed.  My brother was in a better mood than I have seen him in months.  The food was amazing: Turkey, stuffing, broccoli supreme casserole, candied yams, mashed potatoes […]



This is so awesome.  I wouldn’t mind trying it.  I don’t know if I could give up the feel of a real book but you never know, I might.  This is so awesome.

Christmas music is playing on Sirus radio !  yay!  I love christmas music.  I love this season.  My tree is up and the lights on and now I have music playing.  Three cheers for music that is of the spirit.

Another week


I have been enjoying my new job, especially the paycheck part.  It is nice to be getting money again.   I went and had my nails done finally!  Yay!  The tips are glitter powder blue and the thumbs have a white snow flake.  I like them a lot.  I also went and had my hair cut […]

Naughty Naughty


This past weekend was a decent one.  I mean one can not complain too much when you get a three day weekend.  So here is the run down.  Friday night I worked until my shift ended at 6pm, then I got in my car and drove straight to my parents an hour and a half away in […]

This and That


This past weekend we went out of town.  I was lazy and took 3 naps.  We also enjoyed sitting around a fire outside for a while.  It was a quiet weekend.  Now I feel sick.  I had a nice long day at work and half way through my throat got sore and now one nostril […]