Well, some good news came on Friday for me.  I have a second interview Monday.  I am excited about being possibly employed again.  I have been out of work for almost 2 months.  First month I didn’t really try to find a job, but now I am bored and need some spending cash.  I thought I did horrible in the interview (always think I do) but I guess they want to give me another chance. 

 In preparation I went and bought two new pairs of shoes from payless shoes.  Last day of BOGO so Woo!  The company I am interviewing at has a closed toe shoe policy, which I was informed about during the first interview (while wearing cute Minnie mouse peak shoes).  Thus I felt the need to wear some cute closed toe at this interview.

 On a different note today is my first day of starting to not take birth control pills.  I am hoping that this will work.  I want to feel stable and somewhat in control of my emotions.  It is horrible feeling out of control.  I was having some horrible outbursts (one broken disk, thrown picture frame) and I know that my honey was feeling the strain.  These emotions don’t feel like something I can control, they just happen.  So I am crossing my fingers and hoping for stability.


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